The Alternative End Lines Of “Salo: Or The 120 Days Of Sodom”

"General laughter is shared by all. The friends are now far away, past the fields, where the road begins."

"And from here, dear friends, an even stronger certainty comes into being. The greatest pleasure comes from the vilest source. The doctrine that must from now on govern our conduct is this: however much you plumb the depths of an offense for pleasure, that’s how terrible the offense must be. So you think we can commit precisely the crimes that our minds ardently desire? I personally maintain that my imagination has always greatly surpassed my faculties. I lack the means to do what I’d like. I’ve conceived things hundreds of times worse than what I’ve done. I’ve always complained that nature gave me the desire to violate it but never the means to do so. There are only two or three crimes worth committing in this world. Once that’s done, there’s nothing more to be said. Everything else is inferior. You stop feeling completely. Ah, how many times have I longed to seize the sun, snatch it from the universe and sow darkness everywhere or use that star to scorch the Earth…"